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Learn How Atlantis Ensures Your Pool Stays Clean and Cost-Efficient

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3-Year Warranty

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Power Control Unit
Electrolytic Cell & Housing

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Atlantis Natural Sanitizing Systems. 

Designed for low salt levels (4,500-6,000 ppm), our premium materials ensure your pool remains sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Experience the Atlantis Difference

Natural Saltwater Sanitization

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Premium Construction

Made from aircraft grade high-quality precious metals and materials.

Reliable & Durable Design

Encased in a rugged, UV-treated clear cell for long-lasting performance.

Heavy-Duty Protection

Weather-resistant, protected by a powder-coated aluminum shell.

Advanced Technology

Equipped with solid-state circuitry for maximum efficiency and reliability.

To understand the full operation of the system, click here to download our owners manual.