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Atlantis saltwater pool sanitizing systems are the most reliable in the swimming pool chlorination industry

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How does the Atlantis saltwater sanitizer work?
A small amount of natural salt is dissolved into the pool water. The sanitizer's electrolytic cell is plumbed directly in-line with the pool equipment, typically after the heater. The power control unit is wired to the pool timer so it sanitizes the water when the pump is running. As the water flows through the electrolytic cell, electrolysis separates the salt water into it's basic components, sodium and chloride. Pure chlorine gas is produced by this process and goes to work in the cell chamber to oxidize bacteria and sanitize the pool water. Following this process the chloride and sodium re-bond and become natural salt again.

How much sanitizer is produced?
The Atlantis power control unit can be adjusted to produce the the level of sanitizer needed or desired.

Will I ever need to add standard pool chlorine again?
No, the Atlantis system will produce more than enough sanitizer to keep your pool crystal clear year around.

Does the salt damage pool equipment?
No. low levels of salt have relatively insignificant effects on corrosion.

How does the Atlantis system remove calcium build-up on pools?
By extracting excess hardness (calcium etc.) from the water during the electrolytic process. This improves the feel of the water, protects the pool equipment and saves you money.

How can the Atlantis system help with my health?
It keeps your pool water constantly sterile and healthy, automatically. No dangerous, unhealthy periods of high or low chlorine levels and no dangerous "chloramines" or chlorine compounds of any kind.

Why is it good for my skin and hair?
Ladies know the benefits of salt treatments for the skin, the mild salinity of the water does not have a "drying" effect on the skin (as does more salty sea water) and does not turn blond or gray hair green.

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